Department Liaisons

Coming to Whitman, you may want more than the technical description of a major. For example, you may want to hear the student’s perspective of a major. Maybe, how did other students know that their major was “the one”? Well, thankfully there is a cohort of students just for that! Department Liaisons are students nominated […]

“If I ask for academic help, does it mean I don’t belong?”

Asking for help can be scary and uncomfortable, but it is also necessary and an important part of being a student at Whitman College.  As a senior student, I have navigated through the process of asking for help and seeking academic support options at Whitman, but I remember the discomfort I felt as a first-year […]

Post First-year Check-in

As the second semester of my first year quickly progresses, I can’t help but think about all the experiences and changes I’ve gone through over the past six months. I was always told that college would be a process of self-discovery, but I never understood how intense that process would be. Academically, I’ve realized I […]

Finding Inner Peace 

Similar to the atmosphere of many competitive colleges and universities, Whitman tends to welcome an academic environment that perpetuates stress and self-criticism. I mean, what else would you expect from a group of intelligent and outstanding students? But that is beside the point. With a culture that may pressure students into putting too much on […]

Preparing to Study Abroad

The process of preparing to go abroad starts during sophomore year when students at Whitman typically start exploring their options for study abroad programs. Almost all Whitman students go abroad during their junior year. Whitman approves a wide variety of programs to send students abroad to. In order to study off-campus, you must have your […]

Sociology at Whitman

Tis the season where first-years and sophomores start deciding what they are going to major in! It is an exciting time, especially for those who came to Whitman intending to major in one department, but after taking a super cool class as a part of their distribution requirements, they completely change their mind. I had […]