Freedom Songs

On November 8th and 9th Whitman held the annual Freedom Songs event. Every year the students put on this event to help the audience and performers to reflect on the societies we live in, while presenting music, dance, and poetry from underrepresented artists and students.  The lobby was packed as I walked in the door […]

Whitman Club Tennis

In my attempt to stay active in college, I joined Whitman Club Tennis. This activity has done more than just provide me with a group of people that has welcomed me with open arms; it has introduced me to an activity that, though I’m not great at, I can dedicate myself to for 3 and […]


Quarterlife is the greatest organization on campus, though I may be biased because I am on the of the Editors in Chief. Quarterlife is a pocket-sized literary and art zine that features student art and creative writing of all types and follows a theme to be published four times a year. Quarterlife tries to pick […]

The Climate Strike

The concept of college being an educational arena both in and outside of the classroom is not new. I just did not expect to be so moved by an educational experience outside of the classroom so quickly into my college career. September 20, 2019 marked the day of the Global Climate Strike, and it was […]

Mid-Autumn Festival

On September 15, China @ Whitman (the Chinese student club) hosted the Mid-Autumn festival for all Whitties to attend. The Reid Ballroom was decorated with Chinese knots and a painting, and was cordoned into a section to listen to Chinese music and a section with food and activities. Red bean and lotus moon cakes were […]

Welcome Whitties!

For those of you who wish Whitman would last longer than 4 short years, you’re in luck. Whitman’s annual Reunion Weekend gives Whitman graduates an opportunity to come back to campus and pretend to be a student all over again. Alumni get to do all the activities they used to do on campus: attend classes, […]

Fridays at Four Recital Series: Tapestries; Weaving Wind and Strings

The recital didn’t start with an introduction, or an announcement. The doors didn’t even close. The musicians began playing, and at the sound of Chaconne en trio in G Mahor, by Morel, the theatre snapped silent. This past Friday, September 13th, I went to the first of the Fridays at Four series, featuring Janet See […]