Cross Country Team photo

Support for Athletes

As I finish four years of athletics at Whitman on the cross country and distance track teams, I’ve been reflecting on the support I have received throughout my academic and athletic career at Whitman.  For starters, being part of a sports team is like being part of a big family. With the countless hours spent […]

Whitman Club Tennis

In my attempt to stay active in college, I joined Whitman Club Tennis. This activity has done more than just provide me with a group of people that has welcomed me with open arms; it has introduced me to an activity that, though I’m not great at, I can dedicate myself to for 3 and […]

Roll Blues

I think Division-III athletics is really where it’s at. As a swimmer and student-athlete (they love that title- gotta make sure we don’t forget about the student bit) here at Whitman, I’ve been so lucky to experience the community we’ve built as an athletics program, and I was especially feelin the love this weekend. The […]