Arriving at Whitman: How to be an incoming first year student

Move In Day is filled with excitement, anxiety, and logistical nightmares. For all you incoming students, here are some pro tips about moving in: Do… Wear comfortable shoes Label your boxes Unpack the most important things first, then decorate Bring water. Walla Walla can be over one hundred degrees in August Bring someone to help […]

Fall in the Wallas

Fall in Walla Walla is undoubtedly one of the highlights of going to Whitman. The weather starts to cool off, the leaves begin to change, and hoodies and flannels replace shorts and t-shirts. Even as students begin to settle into their routines and find their favorite places to study, there are plenty of things to […]

On the Road (Again)!

It’s officially that time of year. Admission Officers from colleges and universities all around the country are packing bags, shipping boxes of materials, booking airplanes, rental cars, reserving hotel rooms, contacting high school counselors, and in a final flurry of “Farewell,” “See you in a month,” and “Have a good trip!” are hitting the road. […]

What We’re Thankful For

As you most likely know (I honestly don’t know how you couldn’t, but I’ll at least grant the possibility you somehow missed the memo), tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, some similar, some diverse. Turkey is usually somewhere high on the list (tofurkey for our […]

Thanks for Visiting!

As you might know, our 2014 Fall Visitors’ Day took place this past Monday. It was an exciting day on campus, whether for staff, faculty, current students, or most importantly, our visiting students and their families! It was a full day, with classes visited, panels sat in on, tours attended, and in general spirits running […]

Fall is Falling

Today was a very strong reminder that Fall is definitely on the way at Whitman College. Underneath the coating of rain which greeted me as I walked to work this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the taste of Fall in the air. The view outside my office, which has slowly been shifting from the […]