4 Tips 4 U

There is one major difference that I have noticed between my 1st year at Whitman and my 2nd, and that is that so far in my 2nd year, I have not once stayed up late studying for a test or doing homework past 11pm. Upon recently realizing this, I asked myself, “did my classes get […]

(Early) Decision Time

Application season is in full swing here at Whitman College, and at schools around the country. In the stretch between the beginning of October and up through now, the tide of incoming applications has been ever increasing, with more submissions coming in each week than the last. Earlier this week, we passed our December 1st […]

Comings and Goings (aka Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter)

It’s been an interesting couple of months. Admission related events, application reading, and general office work aside, the last two months have seen the Whitman College Office of Admission going through some pretty big changes. What sort of changes? Put simply, the physical kind. Instead of staffing changes, instead of changes in policy or other […]