Vlog from Whitman’s 2017 Power & Privilege Symposium

In this edition of the vlog, Maya Baker-Freid ’17 and Andrew Rivas ’17 attend Whitman’s 2017 Power & Privilege Symposium. This annual two-day event consisting of a keynote speaker, a closing concert, and various workshops on issues of power, privilege, and inequality within our society. Watch the vlog to experience this transformative event from home, and for more […]

Spring Semester at Whitman

Spring Semester has started!  After a well-deserved month vacation, students all over campus are joyfully setting their alarm clocks and gearing up for another semester filled with classes, events, and eventually some warmer weather. For many seniors, including myself, this is our last semester at Whitman college. We have experienced three Walla Walla springs, and […]

Comings and Goings (aka Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter)

It’s been an interesting couple of months. Admission related events, application reading, and general office work aside, the last two months have seen the Whitman College Office of Admission going through some pretty big changes. What sort of changes? Put simply, the physical kind. Instead of staffing changes, instead of changes in policy or other […]