Classic Comfort

Being a Classics major, one of the most frequent questions I receive is “what do you plan to do with that degree?” Well, considering that getting a job is not the sole reason I have decided to attend college, my answer to this question usually falls along the lines of “I’ve got absolutely no clue; […]

Mentees to Campus Day

Coming into Whitman fresh off of a SCORE (a weeklong pre-orientation adventure centered on community service in Walla Walla – recently decided 2022 Whitties, be sure to check it out!), I was itching to get involved in one of Whitman’s community service programs right away. I tried my hand at several programs my first year, […]

Day in the Life

Classes are important in college, but for a majority of students, our actual class time usually consists one, two, maybe three hours of the day. For prospective students who are still in high school, this may sound like a blessing. However, college life is not nearly that easy or straightforward— besides classes, our days are […]