Deeper Water

Syracuse or Whitman? I had procrastinated the decision for as long as I could, but with a month left before I graduated high school, it was time to take the plunge. Whitman was the comfortable option, but Syracuse was the adventurous, out-there choice. I visited Syracuse, but honestly didn’t know much about either school. I […]

Spending a Weekend with the Interest House Community

This past weekend, students at Whitman had the chance to meet a live cow, make piñatas, celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with mochi and mooncakes, and enjoy pretzels and root beer at Oktoberfest. Sound strange? It’s all part of a typical weekend in Whitman’s Interest House Community! The Interest House Community, also known as the IHC, […]

My First Whittie Family

I’ve only been at Whitman for five weeks and I’ve already seen 23 shooting stars, thrown jellyfish at my friends, screamed at an army of raccoons, eaten disgustingly delicious ramen-potato soup, and gone eight consecutive days without showering. Yay for college! Alright, I won’t scare you. I did these things because I went on a […]

Whitman’s Lucky Ducklings

If you happen to visit Whitman’s campus, one of the first things you will notice are the paddling mallards. These majestic birds can be seen waddling around, swimming in Lakum Duckum (an appropriately named pond on campus), crossing the streets in uniformed rows, and grazing on seed that friendly neighbors provide. More than once I have […]

Film and Media Studies at Whitman College

Dear friend,   Today I write to you to discuss the Film and Media Studies major here at Whitman College. The Film and Media Studies Department, popularly referred to as the “FMS Department”, challenges students to approach film and media as interdisciplinary areas of study. Rather than selecting predetermined narrow tracks such as Directing, Screenwriting, […]