A Day in the Life of an Off-Campus Whitman Student during Quarantine

While the long, hot summer days of Walla Walla don’t hint towards the end of summer, it’s certainly creeping up. In a time where the calendar feels utterly irrelevant, knowing that school starts in less than a month is jarring – where did the summer go? Some have been spent at work, some days lost […]

Sunshine at Whitman

Coming from LA, one of the biggest adjustments that I have had to make here probably has to be that to the weather. I had lived in mostly 60-100 degree weather under sunshine and drought for 15 years and then I came to Whitman. That being said, the varying weather is one of the reasons I love […]

Walla Walla Winters

Hailing from sunny southern California, I was very excited to experience my first real winter in Walla Walla, where the daily lows are less than the 60-70 degrees I am used to. While winters here are not nearly as dreary as they are in the other northern end of the country, being in the Columbia […]

The Climate Strike

The concept of college being an educational arena both in and outside of the classroom is not new. I just did not expect to be so moved by an educational experience outside of the classroom so quickly into my college career. September 20, 2019 marked the day of the Global Climate Strike, and it was […]

Welcome Whitties!

For those of you who wish Whitman would last longer than 4 short years, you’re in luck. Whitman’s annual Reunion Weekend gives Whitman graduates an opportunity to come back to campus and pretend to be a student all over again. Alumni get to do all the activities they used to do on campus: attend classes, […]

Fall at Whitman

As the temperature cools down considerably in Washington, Walla Walla is energized with activity. Many travel to wine country during this time of year for the grape harvest while Fall Visitors’ Day and Parents Weekend invite friends and family to campus to enjoy the beautiful setting. A range of Walla Walla events including art tours, […]

Why Walla Walla?

A big part of my college decision came down to location. After a short trip to the west coast during my freshman year of high school, I had fallen in love with the the way the forests are dauntingly dense and simultaneously inviting. I was hooked by the endless hills, the sight of the mountains […]