Meet the Bloggers

Name: Nikita Adhikari

Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX

Major: Psychology

Favorite Thing about Whitman: I love how easy it is to get to classes, and how colorful everything gets in the fall.

Favorite Things to Do in Walla Walla: My favorite things involve heading downtown to get coffee or check out the bookstore, and being in Pioneer Park.

My Advice for Going Through the College Process: Take your time deciding what you want to do and where you want to go, and don’t rush it. Narrow down the list of schools you want to apply to, and if you struggle financially, don’t let the potential costs of tuition dissuade you from applying somewhere you really want to go. There are always plenty of options for financial aid, including grants, scholarships and loans.

Fun Facts about Me: Outside of English and my native language (Nepali), I have studied four other languages, including Spanish, ASL, French and Dutch (none of which I have retained very well, unfortunately).

Favorite Campus Traditions: The annual Rocky Horror Picture Show is always a fun indicator that Autumn has arrived, especially as it falls nearly on or close to Halloween. I always enjoy it, although I’ve never stayed for the whole thing.


Name: Jasmine Razeghi

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Major: Politics with Global Studies Concentration

Why I Chose Whitman: I wanted to go somewhere that I could definitely call home. A close knit community, a relationship with my professors, and an administration that actually cares about its students. Whitman fit the criteria perfectly.

Favorite thing about Whitman: The ducks!!

Favorite things to do in Walla Walla: What my friends and I like to call “grass appointments” because I am still astonished at how many visible stars there are in Walla Walla. It is something I’ve never experienced in Houston. Laying on the grass at night next to the people I love is one of the best feelings there is.

My Advice for Going Through the College Process: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be someone you are not. It will show. And it will stress you out trying to develop yourself into someone you are not through essays. Be your authentic self and don’t let anything or anyone deny you that freedom.

Favorite Campus Traditions: Donuts with the Dean (mostly because I love Kazi)


Name: Sarah Murphy

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Major: Classics

Why I Chose Whitman: To surround myself with kindness

Favorite Things to Do in Walla Walla: Finding the best pool tables

My Advice for Going Through the College Process: Pretend to be confident until it comes true

Fun Facts about Me: I am a Finnish speaking triplet with no sense of smell!

Best Class I’ve Taken: Anything with Dana Burgess and/or involving Plato


Name: April Chen

Hometown: Zhengzhou, China

Major: English

Why I Chose Whitman: Don’t we love a small town with small classes?

Favorite Thing about Whitman: Kick-ass professors.

Favorite Things to Do in Walla Walla: Finding tasty food, enjoying the stillness of Walla Walla (this sure is a luxury in the 21st century).

Best Class I’ve Taken: Escape Artists: Captivity and Freedom in American Literature, 1620-1920


Name: Penelope Boone

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Major: Politics

Why I Chose Whitman: I loved the rigorous liberal arts curriculum and the authenticity and kindness of the student body.

Favorite Thing about Whitman: How genuinely each professor and fellow student cares about you here and wants you to succeed.

My Advice for Going Through the College Process: See as many colleges as you can in person! Visiting a college is really the only way to know it well.

Fun Facts about Me: I’m one of the editors in chief of the Quarterlife literary magazine, I have radio show (listen 3-4pm on Fridays!), and I’m really into fashion.

Best Class I’ve Taken: Modern European Political Theory or Architectural History of Walla Walla (both with amazing professors)


Name: Sneh Chachra

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Major: Environmental Studies Politics

Why I chose Whitman: I chose Whitman because I was looking for a small liberal arts education in which students I could form a tight knit community of friends and professors that can support me. Throughout high school I found that I thrived best when my instructors and the people I chose to surround myself with were invested in my well-being. Whitman is also incredibly beautiful, has a great new debate team, and I had heard nothing but good things.

Favorite things to Do in Walla Walla: Go for a bike ride because our town is so darn beautiful!!

My Advice for Going Through the College Process: Although it’s important to be realistic, don’t undermine your accomplishments. It’s okay to shoot high, and even if you’re disappointed it doesn’t mean anything of your intellect. Wherever you end up is where you’re supposed to be and you’ll have a great time.

Fun Facts About Me: I was born in New Delhi, India.

Best Class I’ve taken: So far my favorite class has to be Music in Society just because as stated previously I love music. Our homework one day was to analyze the black panther soundtrack and watch scenes from the movie. Any class that makes their homework, listening to music is a favorite in my book.


Name: Llewyn Merril

Hometown: Olympia, WA

Major: Astrophysics

Why I Chose Whitman: Whitman was the easiest college to work with and I found it to have the program I wanted with the flexibility and freedom to change should I want to.

Favorite Thing about Whitman: The people here are really nice.

My Advice for Going Through the College Process: Apply early, visit when you can, limit yourself to 10 schools, and factor in scholarship application time into your daily life.

Best Class I’ve Taken: Galaxies and Cosmology

Favorite Campus Traditions: Sitting in the fountain outside of Hunter Conservatory.


Name: Ashlyn Quintus

Hometown: Mandan, North Dakota

Major: English and Theatre double-major

Why I Chose Whitman: Perfect size community for me to grow and be independent while still having a lovely support system available to me.

Favorite Thing about Whitman: The campus has so many gorgeous areas to do home homework or wander aimlessly.

Favorite Things to Do in Walla Walla: Brunching at the Maple Counter Cafe on a Saturday or Sunday and going to Goodwill afterwards.

Fun Facts about Me: I can drop into splits on command and can sing like Louis Armstrong.

Best Class I’ve Taken: History & Sociology of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Intro to Art History and Visual Culture Studies, Theory & Performance