Meet the Bloggers

Yep, our bloggers are real Whitman students!  But, don’t take our word for it, here’s a little about our Bloggers…


Adyiam (Aisha) Kimbrough
Hometown: Worthington, MN
Major: Politics
Why I chose Whitman: I chose Whitman because of endless support on campus, sense of a close-knit community, and the many opportunities for networking!
Fun Fact About Me: I have a stuffed monkey named George that I’ve had for 18 years!



Chloé Serkissian
Hometown: Guerneville, CA (Bay Area)
Major: Anthropology
Favorite spot on campus: I am always amazed at how multifaceted Ankeny Field is. This giant open space is used for everything from classes and IM sports, to studying and lounging and everything in between.
Favorite campus traditions: Although cliché (for us Whitties), getting a group of friends together, going to the Taq and getting burritos and then heading out to the wheat fields for a picnic never gets old and is a tradition that I will always be so fond of.



Emily Johnson
Hometown: Stillwater, Minnesota
Major: Psychology
Favorite things to do in Walla Walla: I love food, and I love anything involving going to places to eat said food. I would list my top 3 places, but I can’t decide. You’ll just have to try them all (and I really do mean, all as 95% of them are in walking distance). I also love to bike to and hammock in the local parks.
Favorite campus traditions: My favorite tradition is not typically thought of as a tradition— I love Voices of Whitman. In the final days of orientation most, if not all, students at Whitman gather with their blankets and friends in the Amphitheatre to listen to the stories of their peers. Even though they are not required to attend, upper-class students make sure not to miss this event because they know its value.



Erin Tyler
Hometown: Bend, OR
Major: Undecided
Favorite things to do in Walla Walla: Cinnamon rolls at the Patisserie on a Sunday morning with friends
Fun Fact(s) about yourself: I am a triplet and a lefty!



Evgeniya Sicheva
Hometown: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Major: Economics-Environmental Studies
Favorite spot on campus: Ankeny Field, it is always full of students throwing a Frisbee, kicking a ball around, enjoying the sun or catching up on school work, a true representation of what Whitman is all about.
Favorite campus tradition: The duck hunt, walking around campus and searching for little rubber ducks is always an exciting time of the year.



Harrison Carter
Southampton, NY
Favorite things to do in Walla Walla: Walla Walla farmers market on Saturday mornings, running through the wheat fields, rodeos in the fall, coffee with friends downtown.
What advice you’d give yourself when you were going through the college process: Trust your gut! If you feel a connection to a college during the search process, it probably means something is drawing you to it.


Lilia Cohen
Seattle, Washington
Fun Fact(s) about yourself:
I studied abroad in Morocco during the Fall of my Junior year, my favorite place to be is next to a river or in a lake, and I love to cook and eat!
Best class you’ve taken on campus:
Three way tie between Rhetorical Bodies, Emerson, and Time, Law, Justice!



Ryan Witherspoon
La Cañada, CA
What advice you’d give yourself when you were going through the college process:
Really think about the kind of environment you want to be in during your four years of college – make sure it’s one you know you’ll excel and love to live in.
Fun Fact(s) about yourself:
I’ve danced on stage with M.I.A. at one of her concerts



Sarah Murphy
Phoenix, Arizona
Undecided; Prospective Classics Major
Favorite spot on campus:
The pool table room in the back of the Beta house.
Fun Fact(s) about yourself:
I am a triplet, have no sense of smell, spent an exchange year in Finland, and own a reindeer driving license.




Tehani Louis-Perkins
Hometown: Hale’iwa, Hawai’i
Major: Environmental Studies – Biology
Favorite things to do in Walla Walla: Grabbing food from Taqueria, watching the sunsets, and playing volleyball with my friends.
Best class you’ve taken on campus: Marine Biology



Thys Reynolds
Hometown: Ellensburg, WA
Major: Biology
Favorite spot on campus: Under the redwood tree by the stream.
Favorite campus traditions: Hammocking between trees on Ankney.