Debate at Whitman

A challenge that I often face is being in the present; my thoughts run through my head a million miles a minute and because of that I really enjoy immersive activities.  When I’m in a debate round, it is impossible for me to think about anything other than what’s going on right in front of […]

Graduating Early

For most undergraduate college students, a typical bachelor’s degree takes four years to complete. Within this timeframe, students can take core classes, decide their major, and dabble in classes that are irrelevant to their main study while also being involved in extracurriculars and work. However, with options like AP/IB scores, Running Start, and dual-credit– in […]

Falling Into Fall

I’ve never experienced seasons until coming to Whitman. And that says a lot when considering it’s barely autumn now. It’s odd to not be concerned about hurricanes in September and early October, but instead worry about whether or not I should wear a coat on top of my already warm sweater.  I have never had […]

Interest House Community: Find your friends here, and work on a self-expression manifesto!

May 20th, 2018 was the day I moved out of the Writing House. I made a post on social media before leaving to remember the days I spent here, “Goodbye, Wriho. Goodbye.”  Seriously, I knew I might never have a chance to live in a house like this one again—how could you possibly find a […]

Fall in Walla Walla

The satisfying crunch of leaves under my boots as I walk to class signals the beginning of fall in Walla Walla! It’s not hard to spot fall on campus thanks to our 1:1 student to tree ratio. Before coming to Whitman, I had never seen such vibrant trees with ranges of yellows and reds that […]


Quarterlife is the greatest organization on campus, though I may be biased because I am on the of the Editors in Chief. Quarterlife is a pocket-sized literary and art zine that features student art and creative writing of all types and follows a theme to be published four times a year. Quarterlife tries to pick […]

The Climate Strike

The concept of college being an educational arena both in and outside of the classroom is not new. I just did not expect to be so moved by an educational experience outside of the classroom so quickly into my college career. September 20, 2019 marked the day of the Global Climate Strike, and it was […]