Let It Snow

It is currently a winter wonderland on Whitman’s campus and I am totally here for it. Not only does the snow make everything look gorgeous, but it also seems to lift everyone’s spirits overall. Ever since it started snowing a couple weeks ago, I’ve been seeing some awesome things happen around campus; I’ve seen countless […]

Hot Lava Monster

There are all sorts of wonderful programs headed by Whitman students that give us all the opportunity to get out of our Whitman bubble and engage with the community. This year, I’ve had the privilege of getting involved with the Mentor Program- where Whitman students get paired with kiddos from local elementary schools that just […]

Living in the IHC

At the end of the last semester, I decided to move out of my shared apartment in Whitman’s College House, and applied for a spot in the Environmental Interest House, or, as it is more commonly called, the Outhouse. At Whitman, Interest Houses all based on a certain interest, such as community service or fine […]

To The Blue Moon and Back

It’s only once in a blue moon that you get to see what kind of art your college professors create in their free time when they aren’t grading your essays. Have you ever wondered what your Biology professor’s poetry is like? How good your Psych professor’s photography skills are? Well, Whitman doesn’t cause you the […]

Hello hello from the IHC !

The IHC, or Interest House Community, is a little niche at Whitman that often goes overlooked and underestimated. An on-campus housing option for sophomores and above, the IHC is comprised of eleven beautiful, quirky houses scattered from Boyer Ave to Alder St. The most visible, and therefore most popular, of which are the Fine Arts […]

4 Tips 4 U

There is one major difference that I have noticed between my 1st year at Whitman and my 2nd, and that is that so far in my 2nd year, I have not once stayed up late studying for a test or doing homework past 11pm. Upon recently realizing this, I asked myself, “did my classes get […]

Roll Blues

I think Division-III athletics is really where it’s at. As a swimmer and student-athlete (they love that title- gotta make sure we don’t forget about the student bit) here at Whitman, I’ve been so lucky to experience the community we’ve built as an athletics program, and I was especially feelin the love this weekend. The […]