Campus Office Profiles: The Intercultural Center

Welcome to Whitman’s Intercultural Center! Meet the Staff: Kazi Joshua- Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion “Kazi teaches in the Encounters program. He is originally from Malawi, southeast Africa. He studied Political Philosophy (at Trinity College of Vermont ) and holds graduate degrees in Theology and Philosophy. He has served at other institutions as a […]

Fall in the Wallas

Fall in Walla Walla is undoubtedly one of the highlights of going to Whitman. The weather starts to cool off, the leaves begin to change, and hoodies and flannels replace shorts and t-shirts. Even as students begin to settle into their routines and find their favorite places to study, there are plenty of things to […]

The Most Interesting Class at Whitman College

Choosing my favorite ice cream, song, or color does not come easy, but it can be done. Picking the most interesting class I’ve taken at Whitman is a whole different story. Do I begin narrowing down my choices by subject matter? Chemistry: Organic, Economics: Financial Accounting, Language: Chinese 405, Physics: nope, Math: Calculus II, Rhetoric: Gender and […]

(Early) Decision Time

Application season is in full swing here at Whitman College, and at schools around the country. In the stretch between the beginning of October and up through now, the tide of incoming applications has been ever increasing, with more submissions coming in each week than the last. Earlier this week, we passed our December 1st […]

The “Quiet” Months

Summer is upon us. With the rise in temperature and the return of green and growing things to the world, comes a time for celebration, but after that, for introspection. Whitman College recently saw the Class of 2015 shake hands with our outgoing president George Bridges, take their hard earned diplomas, and stride into the […]

Whitman’s New President

A slight change of pace this week in the content of this blog. Rather than an update focusing on what’s going on specifically in the Office of Admission (okay, quick quick update: applications are being read, it’s pretty cold, and we’re excited for the months to come), I wanted to put the spotlight on an […]