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Hello all!

Thank you all for taking the time to check out my blog SIT Indonesia: Art, Religion, and Social Change. I hope you find it both interesting and informative.

My blog is primarily comprised of posts that I try to upload twice each month. These posts mostly center on an assortment of my personal experiences and observations while in Indonesia on the SIT study abroad program. For example, some of my reflections will focus on my experiences with the SIT program, observations about Indonesia (at times in comparison to the United States) and my personal struggles and joys abroad. I hope my posts cover a wide range of subjects for your reading pleasure and general interest.

In general, these posts will be organized according to the location at which the contents of my post took place. Some will be categorized as haven taken place in Bali, others in Java, and so on and so forth. Fair warning, some blog posts will harken back to earlier experiences of mine that perhaps do not occur in the exact same location as the general blog post content, but they will contribute to a pattern that I have recently identified for the post.

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Thank you for your attention, and happy reading!