The Blog and Its Blogger

Hello all!

My name is Eli Baez, and I am a junior at Whitman College with a major in English. I am uber-excited to be studying abroad, and I anticipate that the experience will help me get comfortable with stepping out of my comfort zone. I hope to share my experiences abroad with you through this blog.

From this blog, you can expect posts that detail my general experiences studying abroad with additional personal reflections on said experiences. Posts will be categorized according to the location where the events occurred.

For your information, I am studying with the SIT Indonesia: Art, Religion, and Social Change Program during the 2019 fall semester. The program examines how religion, society, and the arts have developed in Indonesia, as well as how these subjects are influenced by growing global pressures such as tourism. After a few months of excursions, classes, presentations, and homestays, the program culminates in a final project, of which students can choose between an independent study project or an internship.

Thank you to all who take the time to visit my blog! Feel free to leave comments or questions on posts; I will try to respond promptly.