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Comparing old and new art forms

I thought that these articles were very thought provoking in the way that I have never thought about comics in the way that Lamb refers to the social and racial constructs that superheroes and comics in general ensue. While reading these two articles, I feel as if it started off with thoughts that we have either talked about in class or that I have been thinking about since we have not only started reading superhero comics in this class but ever since I have been watching superhero movies such as avengers, captain America, iron man, the list goes on and on. These thoughts include “Token women and people of color bestow selfless assistance, and our protagonists foil their deranged nemeses’ dastardly plans” and “The superhero concept is a racial construct, used primarily to derive profit from printing White male power fantasies ad nauseam for a core audience of ostracized children. Nostalgia generates revenue.” We have analyzed these thoughts many times in class but I feel as if the white male superhero, which there seem to be so many of, is always the topic of the conversation. However while reading these two articles that were centered around the racial constructs of comics, I couldn’t stop thinking about the role that white women play in comics. I wonder if Lamb would have the same outlook on the racial constructs seen through comics if these articles were focused not on white male superheroes like Superman but instead analyzed the role that white female superheroes like wonder women play Lambs outlook on comics. When Lamb started comparing comics to early paintings, I had never thought they these two forms of art could be compared in such a way that Lamb did, but I think that he did it in such a way that not only gave background on the paintings of Charles Stanhope, Bartholomew Dandridge, and Arthur Devi but also was able to compare it to the much more modern form of art, comics. It was really interesting reading Lambs take on how these paintings and comics compared regarding the white Anglo-Saxon man which is the main topic of both art forms and which the art during this time revolves around.