Course Theme 2: Mental Health and Trauma

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<strong><u>Annotated Bibliography on Course Theme:</u></strong> As a class, we will select 4 or 5 course themes to follow throughout the semester. Students will be divided into groups. For the second class of every unit and using the research methodologies we will review at our library session, students will find and read one article the relates to the reading and their chosen theme for the semester, the citation for which and a short summary will also be collected in an annotated bibliography for class-wide use while writing the final essay. The following day, students will break out in their groups to discuss the secondary literature they read and how it applies to the comic we read for that unit, women in comics in general and class discussion that week.

Fletcher, Michael R. “Manifest Delusions.” Goodreads, Goodreads,

This is actually a book series that focuses on mental illness immensely within a fantasy setting. It focuses on mentally ill characters who have super powers based on their mental illnesses.