My name is Brooke Taylor and I am a junior at Whitman College. I am a math-physics double major with a minor in computer science, and I love writing fiction, playing volleyball and badminton, kitties, and fuzzy blankets.

In a bold move that few may have thought was in my never-adventure-seeking personality to do, I am studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, U.K., for the spring semester of my junior year at Whitman College. I arrived in Scotland on January 17, and will stay until May 19. In that time, I hope to take some amazing classes, join some new clubs, travel all over Scotland, learn to decipher a Scottish accent, discover all the ways potatoes can be served, and hopefully have a wee bit of fun while I’m at it.

I am writing this blog in hopeĀ of keeping record of all the crazy and less-crazy things I do during my time abroad and reflecting on my time here. To all my readers, I hope you enjoy!