EMERGENCY UPDATE (not really an emergency don’t panic (but panic a little))

This is a live update from the computer room!!! Humidity has hit 200% here on the island. Today in the hopes of having a comfortable nights sleep I put all of my bedding and pillow out to dry in the sun. They have been getting a little bit musty from the rainy humid weather that we have been having. It is now 8:45pm and I am thinking of crawling into bed. I walked outside the computer room to discover that it is pouring rain and I forgot to take my bedding off the line. I took a selfie to forever capture the horror and sadness of this moment. Look like its going to be another moldy night folks.

3 thoughts on “EMERGENCY UPDATE (not really an emergency don’t panic (but panic a little))

  1. Lorraine Burch

    What a bummer!
    I have done that type of thing so many times in Florida during the rainy season, usually with my sneakers, not with my sleeping bag. Yuck. Hope you get a nice stretch of sunshine to get it dried out.

  2. Catalina Hendrickson

    Catalina, what an adventure it has been for you. Would you say the wet sheets were the third kind of fun??? I am so proud of you for following your dream. Your stories have been such a pleasure to read. Please continue to write….I really have enjoyed reading all of your stories!

    Aunt Cata

    1. Catalina Burch Post author

      Definitely type 3 fun there. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the stories I can’t wait to see you this summer in sarasota!


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