The Internet Runs on Island Time

The first thing I learned on South is that the internet runs on island time. For instance, while I was attempting to upload this photo I had time to…

  1. Play a game of ping pong
  2. Sit and watch the sunset over the water
  3. Go night snorkeling to look for octopus
  4. Find an octopus changing colors and proceed to change colors as well from sunburnt pink to excited and asphyxiated purple.
  5. Follow the octopus until I start to shiver from cold (yes it actually gets kinda cold sometimes here)
  6. Come back to my computer still encrusted in salt (freshwater showers only once a week).
  7. Hurray the internet works because people are finally starting to go to sleep!
  8. Post the photo.

Now I’m off to sleep. I’ve got my first dive tomorrow and I’ve got to get my rest in preparation for when the 50 South Caicos students show up at the center for games and activities.