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My Internship in Rwanda

I arrived in Rwanda on June/5th/2014. I was welcomed by my family and friends with such love and warmness. On June 10th, I started my internship at the Rwanda Development Board. The first day, I was introduced to all the offices and the different operating departments within RDB. I met with the direct supervisor I would be working with during my time as an Intern.His name is Mr. Bajiji Innocent(Head of the After-Care Department) in the Investment Implementations. I report to him weekly with a brief report of how the Investment firms in RDB are operating and the problems they face investing in Rwanda since its a landlocked country.

I feel like I’m starting to learn slowly by slowly about investing in Rwanda and some of the ways of creating businesses especially in a developing country. The challenges that Rwanda faces due to its landlockedness makes it hard for potential investors to want to invest in the country, which is why the Rwanda Development Board is looking into other fields that could out stand everything in terms of business thus leading to development.