Pre-registration for Fall 2019

With busy office hours for CS 210, my husband’s travel for work, child care disruptions, and ping-ponging viruses among the members of the family, I found no time in April for my traditional post on the next semester’s pre-registration. Summer is catch-up time. So with no further ado, here’s the summary table:

Number Title Enrolled Women:Men Waitlist
CS 167-A,B Intro. Computational Problem Solving 33/60 1:1
CS/Math 220 Discrete Math & Functional Programming 27/24 1:3.5
CS 270 Data Structures 17/24 1:5
CS 310 Computer Systems Programming 25/20 1:2 2
CS 320 Theory of Computation 21/20 1:2.5 1
CS 357 Natural Language Processing 26/16 2:3 16
CS 495 Capstone Project 19/16 1:2


  • This is the first time I can remember ending pre-registration with space available in CS 167. I’m not sure why that happened, but I’m grateful we will have the extra space for first-year students. Note the gender equality is found across both sections and not in either section: the 9 am section is dominated by men (1:5), while the 8 am section is dominated by women (5:1). I’m not sure why that happened, either.
  • CS/Math 220 is overenrolled, but not as badly as the previous two years. We followed our plan from this spring to reserve all seats for rising sophomores and consent in rising junior CS majors who had not yet taken the course. We were able to consent in the few non-majors on the waitlist. I still worry about excluding the students who were interested in the course but did not add themselves to the waitlist (figuring they would not get in) even though I asked them to. I worry the gender ratio does not bode well for the major class of 2022, but we shall see.
  • It’s good to see CS 270 with plenty of space for first year students. Enrollments are only slightly lower than last fall. The gender ratio is the most unequal it’s been since I started keeping track, which is somewhat concerning.
  • Like last fall, our single elective offering, CS 357, has a waitlist as large as the class cap. The class is all seniors, including several non-majors, and has a fairly even gender split. We need more elective offerings.
  • Robust enrollments in CS 310, 320, and 495 reflect the growth of the major. Gender ratios around 1:2 reflect that the senior class is about one-third women! (The class of 2022 is only about one-quarter women, so there is still work to be done.)

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