What’s on my sabbatical reading list?

Some have asked what books are in my piles of sabbatical reading in this picture, which appears in yesterday’s post.Several piles of unread books.

It’s too much to put in a caption, so it gets a whole post of its own! I’ll list what’s in each pile starting from the left, top to bottom, with occasional commentary.

Links are to Amazon for convenience. Please don’t take this as an endorsement even though I know it implicitly is.

First pile: Children’s books on technology from the Book & Game Company sidewalk sale.

Second pile: Scholarly reading to catch up on.

  • Persuasive 2018 proceedings. On my reading list because I wasn’t there. Skimmed; read a few articles and wrote enthusiastically to the colleague who wrote a couple of them.
  • Value Sensitive Design: Shaping Technology with Moral Imagination. I wrote a few pages; I want to read the rest to see what Batya has to say that’s new since I worked in her lab. (Also, it seems she forgot I gave her the term “moral imagination” at my last research lab retreat. That’s okay.)
  • Persuasive 2019 proceedings. I missed this one too.

Third pile: Textbooks on research methods, a topic I feel inadequately educated on.

Fourth pile: Behavior change technology, and politics. I think these were all cited by other things I was reading.

Fifth pile: Feminism, gender, and language, mostly scholarly.

Sixth pile: Women, work, and confidence, not so scholarly.

Friends: Please let me know if this list inspires further recommendations, or if there is a book you’d like to read together and discuss!

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