About the course

The Crossroads Childhood and Parenthood in Scandinavia Summer 2019 course is an intensive 3-week, 3 credit course in Copenhagen and central Denmark administered in collaboration with DIS, a study abroad organization in the city of Copenhagen. This course is an intense in situ sociology course dedicated to understanding children’s and parents’ lives in Scandinavia, with a particular focus on Denmark and most of the course time spent in Copenhagen. Because of its explicit focus on comparative sociology and cross-national understandings of childhood and parenthood, as well as its field visits and guest lectures, the course promotes global understanding and emphasizes the importance of place.

Crossroads Denmark is led by Dr. Michelle Janning, Whitman Professor of Sociology and Raymond and Elsie DeBurgh Chair of Social Sciences. She specializes in family studies, historical and social dimensions of childhood and parenthood, and the social significance of space, place, and material culture. She has lived and led courses and projects in Denmark over the last several years.

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