Dwayne Presents Entropy: A Short Film

One of the reasons I chose to come to Denmark was because┬áDIS allowed me to create a class schedule unique to my particular academic interests. At the moment, I’m fascinated by old age and the struggles that it puts onto elderly individuals, especially in a culture where we tend to shuttle our old out of sight. One of my post-graduation goals is to develop a documentary film project focused on a cross-cultural exploration of old age in order to determine if there is any way to soften the difficulties associated with aging in our society. For my European Documentary Film class final project, I decided to do a sort of preliminary exploration into this topic. This work portrays my first experiences setting up interviews on my own, and looking back there is so much that I realize I could have done differently to improve the final product. That being said, I’m certainly proud of this piece and am excited to begin developing my next project. I would recommend watching it in 720p HD for the crispest image. Enjoy!

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