The (Continued) Start of Something New

“WELCOME TO COPENHAGEN”- dis staff probably (they weren’t there, i arrived early.)

Young Emily embarks on this new adventure. Step one: luggage. AKA follow the cute girl in front of me who was on my flight because she seems to know what she’s doing. Step two: wait 700 years for your luggage. Step three: go through customs. Step three: walk straight past customs like 98% of the passengers?? Step four: have your new duffel bag break on you. Cool. Step five: Tell yourself that you can walk and find your hotel on your own because you are capable of anything. Step six: ACTUALLY FIND YOUR HOTEL WITHOUT ASSISTANCE!!! (go emily, go emily, go emily!) Step seven: drop all of your luggage on the floor of your hotel only to realize the weight of which broke some blood vessels on your walk over due to the weight. Step eight: recognize that you need to get out of bed and eat because you are starving. Step nine: stumble to the cafe next door and snapchat-6217533365522510712
order an expensive meal (aka anything on the menu) with your drink of choice (a pitcher of water because if your paying for water you might as well get more than a single glass) and be stubborn because you chose to sit outside, and it’s really cold but the Danes are handling it fine so you refuse to move.Step ten: Snapchat everything so all your friend and family (and blog followers apparently) can see the meal you ordered. Step eleven: cut your food as you eat not all at once!!!!! Step twelve: Sleep for a minimum of 12 hours so that you are actually awake to meet your host family.



* Breakfast at the hotel included sandwiches. Team, I could get used to this. I’m not a huge breakfast person to begin with so…

**I tried liver pâté, and it wasn’t bad??

***Shuttled back to the airport to meet my host family.

****My family is amazing. As is the dog, Freja.

*****Knew this was the right place for me when both Per and I slipped into being sarcastic assholes together, and I ended up being told “Fuck you.”



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