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Safe in Christiania.

I visited Christiania on August 28 with a few of my friends. (For those of you who do not, Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood in the borough of Christianshavn within Copenhagen. Since its opening, it has been famous for its open cannabis trade, taking place on what is known as Pusher Street.) Since my visit there, a shooting has taken place.

“On 31 August 2016, a person believed to be carrying the days earnings from cannabis sales suddenly pulled a gun during a routine arrest and shot two police officers and a civilian. The injuries of one of the officers who was shot in the head were life-threatening, while the injuries of the other victims were less serious. Police sealed off the entire neighborhood and located the perpetrator in Kastrup a few hours later. During a brief shootout with Politiets Aktionsstyrke (a special intervention police unit) he was seriously wounded and later died from his injuries in the hospital.The perpetrator, a 25-year-old Danish citizen, was well-known to the police for violence and involvement in cannabis sale. Police officers very rarely receive life-threatening injuries during encounters with criminals (the last police officer to be killed by a criminal in Denmark was in 1995) and the incident was widely condemned. In a communal meeting consisting of Christiania residents it was decided that the stalls in Pusher Street (by far the site of the largest cannabis sale in Denmark) should be removed, which happened the following day, September 2. Local residents also urged people who were friends of the neighborhood to help by not buying cannabis in Christiania.”

Though this is unfortunately a common instance in America, the same cannot be said in Denmark. Because of this I wanted to explicitly state that I am okay and safe. I also don’t want this post to be a message to anyone thinking about visiting or studying abroad here that I think you should avoid Christiania… and maybe I should say this, and maybe that is what Whitman would say to do, but I won’t be doing that. Regardless of what has happened, I feel safe here in Denmark. I feel more safe here than I have ever felt at home. Hell, just the other day I was mentioning to my housemates that I may just live in the library when I return because I hate that the walk back to our house doesn’t have street lights, and I panic every time I try coming home. I have never felt that here. And though Pusher Street has been dismantled and I am unsure of its reappearance, I will gladly return. I don’t want you to give up on visiting because of this incident. I mean, come on folks, we are all somehow still managing in America and that is approximately 8554875156876513576871768737367676165787652158778554.2% more dangerous than Christiania as a whole. The rest of this post will be photos of how beautiful my friends and I found our visit to be.


My finger is only in the picture to make the lighting adjust so you could read the sign. I do know how to take a photo, I chose not to do it well.


The view from above over the main area thing with music and food and merch.


I have been told that I am a better door than a window. This house is entirely made of windows. I think we would complete each other.


I may have written my name on this bridge as to solidify my existence in the world, but I will deny that if questioned.




Much Artistic Art


Aww, I think the fishy licks you!


Much art, Such WOw.




might tattoo this on my body, nbd


This may be my favorite pieces I found. Look how beautifully done it is. Just think you would probably have a harsher punishment for creating this stunning piece than Brock Turner did for raping an unconscious woman. THANKS SOCIETY.



Two Weeks of Adventure in a Single Post!

Guess who’s back??! Did ya miss me? I know, I’m sure I miss all of you too. Except you Eric, I hate you. I must say though, that I have replaced you all with Freja. I mean COME ON, LOOK AT HER! What can I tell you… I feel as if I have lived in my home for snapchat-2598745205057920197months rather than two weeks. It’s so odd. I’m also getting used to living with men–even more odd. I did have my first experience of falling in a toilet because the seat was up Thanks Valdemar. I still have a fear of my shower because it drains really slowly and I’m not sure if there is a hidden button that drains the water of if it allows a drop of water a minute to sneak down the pipes, but I always return to a waterless shower so I guess it works??

School: I haven’t died yet. Okay, let’s be real, this school probably has the most work of all the study abroad options (my old roommate is literally swimming with the fishes and has a pool in front of their dorm on the beach… K.) I’m reading a lot–nothing compared to Whitman–but it is actually SUPER INTERESTING. Pro tip#1: take a gender studies class You. Will. Never. Have. The. Options. They. Have. Here. At. Whitman. Pro tip#2: Never take a class solely to impress a girl. Like if they, hypothetically, are really interested in prison structures and basically live at the local penitentiary and on your first date they have an interview for a grant to tour prisons around the world, one of which is, in theory, in the location of your study abroad program and they were, I don’t know, in contact with a professor at your school who taught something like Criminology and Criminal Justice in Scandinavia, and you think “I should take this because she’s interested in it, and we can keep in touch by talking about this common interest…etc.” Don’t. Just don’t do it. Pro tip#3: Switch out of the class if it doesn’t feel right, this experience for you, and only you.

So I switched out of a class (obviously not connected to the hypothetical situation mentioned above), and took another gender class. Current classes include: Danish: Language and Culture, Prostitution and Sex Trade, Gender and Sexuality in Scandinavia, Psychology of Human Sexuality, and Pornography in Scandinavia. The last created quite a stir in my family (my dad’s side are Trump supporters, and I think that says it all). I may have retaliated, just a bit. It felt good, REMEMBER these experiences are for you

I have a pretty great queer community here. Look at us at at a gay cafe, Oscars– get fb_img_1472058252038their cider it’s A++. I’ve gone to a lesbian bar, Vela–the ONLY lesbian bar because women’s sexuality is often ignored even here. I’ve also went to G*A*Y* which I’m not sure if it’s actually called gay or Gee-Ayy-Why?? Will update when I find out for sure, but it’s a dance club BUT WE ALSO DO NON-PARTY/DRINKING THINGS. WHICH DOESN’T REALLY HAPPEN OFTEN BECAUSE THERE AREN’T SPACES FOR THAT IN THE US. e.g. We get dinner together and make gay jokes together and travel together and watch The L Word together like the gays that we are.

Okay we’ve gotten to the point where I’m going to run onto a new post–we knew I wouldn’t keep with my goal of a single post. The next will be immediately posted about my visit to Christiania ft. Street Art that I may tattoo on my body.

P.S. I fell off of my bike the other day because I am not a Dane who has ridden a bike since the age of 1 and it was quite a show. I managed to ride my bike into a pole, fell off into a bush, and then down a concrete hill. I was 99% sure I broke my knee so that’s cool. It was to the point that I slid down three flights of stairs on my butt. Yay.

P.P.S Tinder is A+ here even if there are some weirdos



The (Continued) Start of Something New

“WELCOME TO COPENHAGEN”- dis staff probably (they weren’t there, i arrived early.)

Young Emily embarks on this new adventure. Step one: luggage. AKA follow the cute girl in front of me who was on my flight because she seems to know what she’s doing. Step two: wait 700 years for your luggage. Step three: go through customs. Step three: walk straight past customs like 98% of the passengers?? Step four: have your new duffel bag break on you. Cool. Step five: Tell yourself that you can walk and find your hotel on your own because you are capable of anything. Step six: ACTUALLY FIND YOUR HOTEL WITHOUT ASSISTANCE!!! (go emily, go emily, go emily!) Step seven: drop all of your luggage on the floor of your hotel only to realize the weight of which broke some blood vessels on your walk over due to the weight. Step eight: recognize that you need to get out of bed and eat because you are starving. Step nine: stumble to the cafe next door and snapchat-6217533365522510712
order an expensive meal (aka anything on the menu) with your drink of choice (a pitcher of water because if your paying for water you might as well get more than a single glass) and be stubborn because you chose to sit outside, and it’s really cold but the Danes are handling it fine so you refuse to move.Step ten: Snapchat everything so all your friend and family (and blog followers apparently) can see the meal you ordered. Step eleven: cut your food as you eat not all at once!!!!! Step twelve: Sleep for a minimum of 12 hours so that you are actually awake to meet your host family.



* Breakfast at the hotel included sandwiches. Team, I could get used to this. I’m not a huge breakfast person to begin with so…

**I tried liver pâté, and it wasn’t bad??

***Shuttled back to the airport to meet my host family.

****My family is amazing. As is the dog, Freja.

*****Knew this was the right place for me when both Per and I slipped into being sarcastic assholes together, and I ended up being told “Fuck you.”