So excited to be in København! Delirious from the time change and from constant confusion in the city streets, I enjoy sunshine and coffee just down the street from DIS.


Hot Dogs and architecture – two of my favorite things. In the first few weeks, I ate a hot dog for lunch probably more than I should have. Sodium levels increase, as does my excitement for the city.


Core course week at DIS – my class (Sense of Place in European Literature) visits the North Atlantic House in Copenhagen, where we learn about Denmark’s colonial past, especially in Greenland. Inside we see a gallery of paintings done by an artist Greenland. She studies her anger and confusion as a Greenlander towards Denmark through her paintings.


Core course week, again. My class goes to Fanø a small island of the western coast of Denmark in the Warden Sea. The island is known for preserving their old folk traditions. While we’re there, we meet with a poet and a musician, and they teach us traditional folk dances. Here the beach is truly spectacular – as the tide goes out, the beach grows and you can walk out for miles.


We visit a new kollegium (student housing) in Copenhagen for my 20th and 21st Danish Architecture class. It’s incredible.


For my Surveillance Class, we visit the 8 House, a new housing development in Ørestad, one of Copenhagen’s newest neighborhoods. We study the use of glass on the façades of private households.


That’s all for now! More to come.

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