Scottish Language

Even though most people in Scotland speak English, they have their own “Scottish words” that are special to the country and are used commonly. Here, I will list the new Scottish words I learn throughout my time at the University of St. Andrews!


Haggis: ground up sheep giblets with spices, stuffed in a sheep’s stomach and boiled

Bangers and Mash: sausage and potatoes

Neeps and Tatties: turnips and potatoes

Toastie: toasted sandwich

Blood Pudding: sausage made of onions, pork fat, pork blood, and oatmeal

Biscuit: cookie

Scotch Egg: hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage

Tattie Scone: potato pancake

Crisps: potato chips


Phrases/Other Words

Hiya: hello

Cheers: good-bye/thanks

Zed: the letter z

Lift: elevator

Wee: small

Football: soccer

Alright?: how are you?