The sunniest city in Germany

I’ve been in Freiburg for a couple weeks now. I rented a bike and bike everywhere like most of the German students at the university. I live 20 minutes away by bike from the center of Freiburg and from the IES center. Freiburg is an incredibly bike friendly city. There are a plethora of bike paths that are separated from the roads. I feel really safe when biking here. But they also have more rules when it comes to biking. I’ve learned that if there is no bike path, only a walking path I have to get off and walk my bike. The bike to class in the morning is really nice. I feel like it helps me appreciate the city much more than I would if I were sitting on a tram. My favorite part of the ride is this small stretch where the bike path leads between the train tracks and a large park. The path is lined by trees and the sun peaks through them every morning creating large shadows. 

I’m so grateful I didn’t fall off my bike taking this photo

I’m living in a dorm with other German students. It’s called a WG which stands for Wohngemeinschaft. My WG is one of the 21 high-rise buildings within the student village called StuSie. Apparently it’s difficult for students to find a room in a WG since they are cheap and practical everyone wants to live there. I’m really lucky that IES saved me a spot. My building is brand new and really nice. We are so spoiled; our suite even has a dishwasher and a balcony. I have two suitemates so far. One of them is a student who is currently doing a year long internship working with children with disabilities. My other suitemate is studying molecular biology. She has a final exam coming up and is always studying. Both of them are really kind. Besides my difficulty in pronouncing the word Psychologie, conversing in German has gone surprisingly well. My suitemates are very patient when I don’t understand something. Someone asked if I was from France the other day and I was shocked she didn’t immediately hear my American accent. 

Right next to my WG is a cute little lake. It’s the perfect place to run, have a picnic, and do homework. There’s even a beer garden on one side of it. The sunsets at the lake are beautiful. I’ve found myself relaxing by the lake many evenings since I’ve arrived in Freiburg. I thought I was spoiled by Walla Walla sunsets but wow I didn’t know how incredible the sunsets in Freiburg would be. 

Bis Später! You will be hearing from me more frequently in the near future!

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