A Saturday in Freiburg

It may be because of Global Warming, but this weekend’s weather has been incredibly nice. It feels like summer again. A half-hour organ concert is offered every Saturday morning in Freiburg’s Münster. The Münster is a massive cathedral set in the center of Freiburg. It was first built in the 1200’s in the romanesque style but its pointed windows reveal the gothic style that later emerged towards the end of its construction. I attended the organ concert this morning and was surprised by the variety of music that was featured. In one song the notes flowed together; the organ reverberated smoothly, and I felt like I was listening to a string quartet. In the next song the chords clashed; the organ pipes blasted out the notes, morphing the sound into that of a trumpet instead of strings. During songs like these I like to gaze up at the intricate religious pictures depicted on the stained glass windows. As the suspenseful music echoes off the high ceilings and through the dark columns of the cathedral it’s fun to pretend that the apocalypse has just begun. 

Meeting at the concert on Saturday mornings has become a bit of a weekly tradition for my friend group. An extensive farmer’s market takes place outside of the Münster everyday, but on Saturdays it’s especially large. After the concert we buy raspberries. As fall has begun, the raspberries have become bitter but I still buy them, stuck in a deep denial that summer is already over.

On this lovely Saturday I climbed the blue bridge I ride across every morning on my commute to class. I did some reading there for my German literature class and ate a purple carrot I’d bought from the Münstermarkt.

Saturdays are good days. I found some tasty, 3 euro vegan waffles last weekend, and a couple of Saturdays ago, when it actually kind of was summer, some friends and I went on a really nice hike. We hiked to a restaurant, (taking a break in a sound-of music-style meadow) to ask for a key to a castle, and then continued on our way up the mountain. We were rewarded with a cute little castle which had an impressive view of the city from the top of it. On the way back we picked apples from the trees that lined the trail. It felt like a fairytale.

Beautiful Waffles

I’m telling you, these hills are alive!

Rapunzel, is that you?

If the butterflies like me, am I a princess yet?

We ended our day at the beer garden by the cute little lake next to my WG. And of course the sunset did not disappoint.

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