About me

Hulloo! I’m Katharine, a junior Politics major at Whitman College. I hail from good ol’ New Jersey and things that I derive joy from include, but are not limited to, bad puns, the color yellow, being outside, heavily cream-cheesed bagels, and access to reproductive health care. I am spending the fall of 2018 studying abroad in Bolivia, learning about the county’s culture, history, and politics (all in Spanish..yikes!), and probably trying “cuyes” (guinea pig). I’ll be spending the majority of my time in the city of Cochabamba with a host family, but I will also have two rural homestays — one in a native Aymara community, and one with a Chiquitano indigenous group in the Amazon Basin. I imagine blogging is about the extent of my technological savviness, but it will be a good way to force me to debrief and also a good way to keep y’all at home updated (Hi Grandma!) so let’s see how this goes! I also imagine I will not have wifi for a good portion of this so…personal hotspot?