Week 5

This week, I went to the Amazon, The start of the trip was very long. We had to travel in the bus for many hours until we arrived at Lagartos Caves. This caves are super interesting and are made of limestone. They have fossils of fish and other animals from the ocean, and it was really fun to walk through the river in the caves. After the caves, we visited a fish farm for paiche in order to learn about the economics of the farm and the environmental affects that it has. We spent the night in a community that is named Limoncocha. This community is a lakeside community that is also a biological reserve. in the morning, we went to Yasuní national park. We saw so many birds on a cliff at the park. The birds of this ares eat clay from the cliff to help neutralize toxins from the fruits that they eat. There were so many birds in one place. It was incredible. In the park, we looked for birds and other animals, learned about plants, and we ate tree ants. At lunch we ate ants for the second time. After lunch, we travelled to a community named Cocaya and we walked through the jungle at night. We saw frogs and venomous spiders.The third day, we did bird-watching from a canoe. We saw a sloth, ants, and macaws. The macaws were fantastic; they were eating the bark of a tree to sharpen their beaks. After this, we rode in the canoe through the rain in order to swim with pink river dolphins. We gave food to the dolphins as well, and it was an amazing and exciting experience. The next day, we walked through the jungle. We saw two species of monkeys and a very rare bird. Also, we learned about insects. After this, each person from the group spent several hours alone in the jungle after the lecture, and it was really fun. That night, we learned about bats. I loved this part of the trip because we could see the bats up close. The next day, we traveled to Lagarto Cocha. We saw many beautiful birds like the Scarlett Macaw. We saw monkeys, paiche, and dolphins as well. We tried to get further into the lagoon through vegetation in a boat, but we couldn’t do it. Also, there were fire ants that bit us a lot. We swam at Lagarto Cocha, and in the canoe we saw really beautiful purple flowers. The next day, we worked on research projects and had a night walk through the jungle. We saw a lizard and an Amazon Tree Boa. The last day of the trip, we returned to Limoncocha to see caimans at night. There were fireflies in the plants on the lake, and it was incredible to see the surface of the lake with so many lights. We saw a caiman at night, and I cannot describe the experience. It looked so dangerous and intimidating. The morning after this, on the way to the airport, we saw a volcanic eruption!