24 Hours. 7 Brand New Plays. The First Day of IPF is Here!

Tonight’s the night! The annual Instant Play Festival opens up Harper Joy Theatre’s 2014-2015 season tonight at 8 pm. 39 actors, 7 directors, and 7 student writers have squeezed their efforts into a 24 hour window to create these highly anticipated plays. After writing all night, actors assembled to get a first glimpse at their scripts at 9:30 this morning, working tirelessly throughout the day to memorize lines, block, and prepare for their play’s debut. We hope you’ll enjoy the evening with us!

Photos by Emily Johnson.

1IPF Jessica's AM Dispatch2IPF Chris Cahoon and Erin Kirkpatrick3IPF Jamie Warren6IPF7IPF10IPF Jimmie & Josh Tacke4IPF The Splendid Merman of Yore5IPF Almost Certainly Sordid8IPF From Somewhere to Nowhere9IPF Jimmie M. & Andrew S11IPF Haley Rockholt & Matthew Fisher12IPF Sam Adler they are my story14IPF The Writers w:Scot Augustson15 Dana Burgess shares a laugh16 Gabriella Luther directs In Your Bones17IPF In Your Bones19IPF Kathleen McKeeganIPF13 Haley R. & Nate OlsonIPF20 Andrew Emily & Grace18IPF Grace StarrIPF24 Rowlin LuoIPF26 Ian & Dan playIPF28 Grace PylesIPF21 Maria Noah & TochiIPF22 Aiyana Mehta & Sabra JaffeIPF23 The Splendid Merman of YoreIPF25 Ian Becker & Dan LovatoIPF27 Ian & RowlinIPF29 The Hen HouseIPF30 THH by Maria PtuchaIPF31 The Hen HouseIPF32 Jamie Emily Dorn & Emily Dotts