Day 2 of the 7th Annual Instant Play Festival

Last night, we saw seven fabulous new plays from Lauren Rekhelman, Linnea Valdivia, Maria Ptucha, Evan Martin, Josh Tacke, Chris Cahoon, and Allie Donahue. And while most of us went back home to enjoy our Saturday evenings, the seven remaining IPF writers – Noelle Butler, Lachlan Johnson, Clay Callahan, Tory Davidson, Sierra Dickey, Natalie Berg, and Haley Gadzik – stayed up throughout the night to write the full-fledged stories now poised to come to life tonight starting at 8. Welcome to the day 2 of the 7th Annual Instant Play Festival! We hope you’ll enjoy the evening with us!

Photos by Emily Johnson.

IPF01 Jessica's AM DebriefIPF02 Robbie Brothers IPF03 Tom Zbyszewski & Noelle Butler IPF05 Story Time IPF06 Grace Starr & Andrew Schoenborn  IPF08 Douglas Carlsen & Teal Kurnie IPF04 Roxanne Stathos IPF07 IPF014 Alex Hagen IPF015 Carrie WalkerIPF09 Story Time IPF010 Charlie Thimesch & Connor Myers IPF011 Jen PopeIPF012 Jen Pope & Colleen Bell IPF013 Sarah Edwards & Noah Yaconelli IPF016 Noah YaconelliIPF017 Mary Raschko & Morrow Toomey IPF018 Robin Routhwaite IPF020 Hunter Dunn IPF021 Jacob Frei & Jimmie MaizeIPF019 Epilogue by Haley Gadzik IPF022 Nancy Simon & Roxanne Stathos IPF023 Rich Hinz & Jimmie Maize