How to get involved in How To End Poverty in 90 Minutes


We are seeking Community Partners to assist us with Harper Joy Theater’s Spring Production of Sojourn Theater’s How To End Poverty in 90 Minutes.

THE SHOW: How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes is a cross-sector arts initiative created by Sojourn Theatre Company, and produced by Whitman College’s Harper Joy Theatre. The piece has been presented in Chicago, Louisiana, Portland, and Montana, The show is a “container for dialogue” – it is a performance that seeks to explore how we make decisions around wealth and poverty as individuals and a community.
WHEN? Harper Joy Theatre presents the production April 13-16, 2016

WHAT? Each audience will decide how to give away $1,000 cash from that night’s box office to best fight poverty in the Walla Walla area. That’s the show’s plot – that decision making, and how we surround it with context and process through performance and through dialogue. It is an experiment in dialogue, in collective decision-making, in shared responsibility and in the potential for art to help us make our world a better place.

HOW CAN YOU ENGAGE? As the audience’s involvement is integral to the trajectory of the piece, we are being intentional in how we shape every aspect of the audience experience. Most importantly, we are working to make sure we are representing a multitude of voices in the room so that our conversations can be as complex as the issues we’re addressing. In order to achieve this goal, we are reaching out to organizations and individuals that have a particular stake in this conversation about poverty.

Please contact Lauren Wilson at or Maricela Sanchez-Garcia at to find out more about getting involved with this production.