Instant Play Festival 2018 Photo Gallery

The 11th Annual Instant Play Festival

September 22, 2019

Produced by Jessica Cerullo, Emily K. Harrison & Daniel Schindler

The Interview – by Zacharia Turner* directed by Helena Platt
Nathan Krebs
Allison O’leary
Jiaya Zhang
Grace Dublin
Rachel Zucker

Family Dinner by Donovan Olsen directed by Sabina Rogers & Antonio Tharp
Evan Marks
Joanna Au
Zayneb Brown
Maggie Weeks
Jean Yvonne Tyson

The Princess in the Tower by Abby Munrow* directed by Matt Schetina
Polly Officer
Julia Wilke
Tori Parker
Maamoon Saleh

Roasted by Alasdair Padman directed by Maddy Gold
Harrison Lurie
Cameron Fraser
Ben Adams
Eliza Jacobson
Christa Ullery
Emma Foley

The Wine Bar by Jake Lorang directed by Rich Hinz
Aamon Felix
Ella Meyers
Sienne Axe
Ava Randall

The Audition Day by April Chen directed by Cara Casper
Jen Pope
Sylvia Adome
Joanna Yin
Esther Ra
Annabelle Hannon

Camp Buttekis by Jai Ahuja directed by Dani Schlenker
Nathaniel Larson
Katie Davie
Matthew Triplett
Lucy Evan Ripley
Haley King

Stage Manager Anthony P. Reale
Scenic Design Daniel Schindler
Lighting Design Kevin Walker
Sound Engineer Kevin Walker
Assistant Stage Managers/Crew Ethan Raffman & Lauren Rhodes
Sound Board Operator Eva Sullivan
Light Board Operator Grace Sanwal

*Whitman Alumni writers.