Photo Gallery: 30th Annual One Act Play Festival

30th Annual One Act Play Festival
February 7th – 10th 2019

Worth A Shot 

Written by: Mathilda Chapin
Directed by: Ella Meyers


Gracie – Laska Fitzhugh

Jane – Penelope Boone

Corpse/Death – Garrett Redmond

Production Team:

Stage Manager – Sofia Solares

Scenic Designer – Emily Chargin

Costume Designer – Taylor Kolkemo

Lighting and Sound Designers – Cameron Fraser and Julia (J) Gavigan

Voted 3rd Place

I Got You, Babe

Written by: Matthew Schetina
Directed by: Rose Heising


Narrator – Matthew Triplett

Tom – Sam Tabbutt

Jonas/Ariana – Oriana Golden

Melissa/Calley – Claire Coughlon

Cass/Mother – Isabel Pereira

Teagan/Asa – Hannah Rudman

Production Team:

Stage Manager/Board Op – Emma Fletcher-Frazer

Scenic Designer – Nick Xiang

Costume Designer – Anna Ripley

Lighting Designer – Dani Schlenker

Sound Designer – Jake Torrey

*Voted 2nd Place

The Moths

Written by: Rachael Goldsmith Zucker
Directed by: Mathilda Chapin


Nina – Tricia Ferrer

Shayne – Madeline Gold

Production Team:

Stage Manager – Haley Howard

Scenic Designer – Gaby Chaparro Ceniceros

Costume Designer – Julia Wilke

Lighting Designer – Julia (J) Gavigan

Sound Designer – Taylor Kolkemo

*Voted 1st Place