Spring Studio Series, Angel “Moonyeka” Alviar-Langley: In the White Frame

In the age of the 2020 pandemic, Harper Joy, along with theaters across the nation and globe, were called to cancel the remainder of their spring seasons for the sake of public health. 

The HJT 2020 Spring Studio Series was originally scheduled to premiere four new works of various dance artists within the walls of the Freimann Theatre. Fortunately, even under quarantine conditions, it was able to be preserved and adapted for viewers at home to engage with and enjoy. Below, please enjoy the the last work of the series, In the White Frame by Angel "Moonyeka" Alviar-Langley along with a discussion about their work in a following link.
In the white frame

In the White Frame (2018) is inspired by Sharon H. Chang’s book Raising Mixed Race. Using her book as a resource, Moonyeka and dancers explore mixed race folks’ experience in a “post racial world”, while also specifically looking at Joe R. Feagin’s theory of white racial framing. White racial framing is when people ask mixed folks, or even non-mixed folks, “What are you? Where are you from? No really, where are you from?” This is people trying to figure out where someone lands on the black / white binary of race. In the White Frame also seeks to complicate the ugly/pretty, superhuman, mutt, “mixed people will end racism!,” 1-drop rule narratives of mixed race people. Moonyeka and dancers dare ask the question, “is the racial discourse inclusive of our experiences? is it erasing us? are we (as mixed people) allowed to reject the racial framework being used today?”
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Angel Alviar-Langley (aka ‘Moonyeka’) is a queer mixed-Filipinx femme movement based storyteller who utilizes art creation, teaching, and organizing to realize a world that  honors her communities’ stories in a way that is healing, celebratory, and generative. Amongst many projects and collaboration Moonyeka continues to facilitate LIL BROWN GIRLS CLUB (a movement based mentorship program for young g*rls of color), WERKSHOP (a womxn’s prefunk to 206 Zulu’s Soulful Mondays), and will be organizing WHAT’S POPPIN’ LADIEZ?! for it’s 3rd iteration this year.
In 2019, Moonyeka joined forces with Kapatid Kollective (4 rad Filipinx femme artists + organizers) to bring arts + culture events for Filipinx American History Month and carve spaces so that we can better imagine and collectively develop the many ways in which Filipinxs can heal ourselves, undo interconnected systemic oppressions, and thrive.
 Moonyeka is a DANCE CRUSH selected by Seattle Dances, the 2017 Tina La Padula Fellowship recipient, Ubunye Project 2017 contributor, Mary Gates Leadership awardee and George Newsome Humanitarian scholar.
This concludes our 2020 online-adpated Spring Studio Series. Stay tuned for more updates about Harper Joy Theatre amidst the 2020 Coronovirus Pandemic, and do take care!