Studio Series: Kathleen Kelley

Kathleen Kelley

Kathleen Kelley is an associate professor of dance and technology at Montclair State University and the artistic director of the intermedia production company Proteo Media + Performance. Her body of creative work pushes against a modernist model of authorship and instead explores collaboration, mutual support structures and feminist modes of community.

Digital Affect/Physical Effects
Friday, Sept. 11  |  6 p.m.  | Link to Come

In “Digital Affect/Physical Effects”, dance and media artist Kathleen Kelley shares a series of short experimental films centered around emotional experiences within the virtual world. Each of these works navigates the space between the body and the digital sphere, eliciting the multiple emotional selves that we have to navigate: the self of the body, the self we speak and the self we project through digital textual interactions.

Smartphone Video Composition Workshop
Sunday, Sept. 13  |  Noon  | Register Now

In this workshop, learn simple composition principles that can be applied to filming with your phone to increase its impact and artistry. We will look at some examples and try some simple exercises, so have your phone close by!

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