About ME

Hello! Xin chào! My name is Kate, I’m a junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Religion. I’m super stoked to be in Vietnam for the semester, I love meeting people, experiencing the world in a new way, and learning about myself. I feel like each of my semesters at Whitman have had different challenges, joys, and tones to them but this one seems like a new thing entirely. I chose this program because of it’s intersections with my interests in Eastern religion, gender, and race relations as well as the draw of tropical heat because I’m a wimp when it comes to Walla Walla winters. On another note, I’m really passionate about community building and social action. I’ve served as an intern for the Student Engagement Center’s Mentor Program and as the RA of the Community Service House in semesters past. In my spare time, occasionally I read anarchist zines and stir fry kale in my cast iron, but usually I’m just surfing the internet or napping.