The other day I went out with some friends from la UADY and other students from my study abroad program. We all waited for several minutes with a large group of people until the bouncers finally started to let people in. They slowly let in small groups of people, seemingly arbitrarily. As we waited I […]

Water Bottle

I lost my Whitman water bottle. You know the blue water bottle covered with whitman/pnw stickers that literally every whitman student has? Yeah, I lost that one. I am now using a water bottle from one of new universities. Luckily, it is also blue with white lettering, it is also a water bottle, and also […]

And so it begins…

When I left Seattle the blood-red sun glared down at me* and the sky was heavy with smoke from the fires. It wasn’t exactly the auspicious beginning that I had envisioned the million and a half times I had pictured that moment. After a less-than-stoic goodbye I got on the plane and spent the next […]