Name: Lila Stange

Chinese Name: 福朴 Fú Pǔ

Age: 20

Program: IES: Beijing Language Intensive (definition of intensive: 10 credits of Chinese this semester, plus the language pledge, and living with Chinese roommates)

Why I chose my program: Because I wanted to eat Chinese food every day! (Kidding) Honestly because I really want to raise my Chinese level and living here in China is the best way to do so. Nothing like testing your speaking skills every day. If you want to eat, you speak. I can also experience Chinese culture for myself, especially since I’m in a home stay.

Favorite Place Visited So Far: the Zoo market!

Times Getting Lost So Far: 8 (but I assure you it will keep going up throughout the semester because I have no sense of direction)

Favorite Food Place: A Chaor resteraunt! Chaor is roasted food of all kinds on a stick with spices!!