7/6/15 – My Ears Are Still Ringing a Little…

Wow. I feel like a lot happened this week, and I am kind of exhausted, and everything these last couple weeks is going by so fast!

I am starting to actually process the fact that I’m leaving in– 20 days exactly, wow.

I am saying wow a lot, aren’t I…

(Speaking of which, can’t say “wow” now without thinking of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlLMlJ2tDkg

Darn you Owen Wilson and your annoying wow.)

I haven’t talked about leaving yet, because I wasn’t really ready to recognize that it was happening, but I am finally feeling ready to head back home. I love it here, but I’m starting to get that feeling that like… even when I leave, I won’t be totally gone, and I have this sense that I will be back someday? Maybe for graduate school, or maybe just to visit (probably not to live– I miss my city too much). And that is comforting. And I can’t wait to see my parents and my sister, and go grab food on Haight street, and hang out with old friends in the Bay Area, and go to the ocean– oh, I’ve missed the ocean…

Speaking of missing my city… I went to Oxford Pride this weekend! After having participated in Pride in SF the last couple years, Oxford was… quite different. On Pride weekend in San Francisco, the entire city pretty much breaks out into a party. On the day of the march, you can’t get much of anywhere on public transportation without seeing people all dressed up with rainbow colors everywhere.

Oxford was quite a bit more tame, but it was still fun to do. I got to go with one of my actual British friends (someone I met at the first Entz party, and continued to run into at different feminist events throughout the past couple terms until we finally started actually talking to each other), and it was the first time she was really able to march in a Pride parade, so that was very exciting. We walked through Cornmarket (one of the main streets in Oxford and tourist central), down Queens Lane and made our way to Oxford Castle, which is a part of Oxford I hadn’t actually seen yet!


Marching down Cornmarket

Later in the evening we went out to Plush, a club in Oxford, danced until it was light and walked back to St Catz and watched the sunrise in the meadow…

Laying in the middle of the street at 4am... don't worry, it was blocked off, and we had two people stand watch just in case :)

Laying in the middle of the street in front of Blackwell’s at 4am… don’t worry, it’s blocked off to most traffic, and we had two people stand watch just in case 🙂

Two girls and a red balloon

Two girls and a red balloon

First glimpse of the sun through the trees

First glimpse of the sun through the trees

Oxford is, of course, as magical as always. Apart from partying till dawn and going to concerts, I actually do spend pretty much all of my time working. I got into a good pattern this past week of spending a good 3-5 solid hours in the RadCam (Radcliffe Camera Library) to get the majority of my work done for the day, and then finishing the rest of it on trains and buses and in my room, whenever I can. I have 4 assignments left: 2 more Ulysses essays, and 2 creative writing assignments. I’m so close!

To close, I want to share this priceless video I caught of a dog we ran into on one of our evening walks the other night:

Little Doggie Big Stick

Gotta love Oxford: magic, academic, and fun, all in one.

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