You can say I’ve been a bit busy..

This will be a post, unlike the rest, that will hopefully summarize all that has happened between this post and the last (via photographic representation).

Places I have been:

In the Netherlands:   Utrecht, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Grou (in Friesland)

Kayaking through the canals of Utrecht, Netherlands Featuring: Feline

Pride Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands Left to right: Mary, Katherine, Feline

Maastricht Caves and “grafitti”

Ajax Stadium Netherlands vs. Sweden (2-0) but sadly not enough to qualify for the World Cup 🙁 , Amsterdam

In the Ajax ArenA in Amsterdam

Dressed for Success Left to right: Feline, Jenna, Donika, Mary, Allie

In Belgium: Bruges, Gent

View from the Gravensteen Castle in Gent, Belguim

Alley in Gent, Belgium

View from the castle in Gent, Belgium

My favorite five sequential buildings in Bruges, Belgium

In between traveling on the weekends, I have been studying hard and have taken two final exams (which composed 90% of my final grade [no pressure..]).

I also encountered my first flat tire with my trusty steed named Makda. Fun fact: Makda is actually a children’s sized bike.

Makda and I

Now that exams are over (for now) and new classes are beginning, hopefully I can get a better grip on blogging once again! Until then, Tot ziens!