Ahoj there!

Welcome to my Prague blog!

I’m Mary. I’m a Whitman College student who likes long romantic walks alone with her dog, currently in Prague, trying to create a (video?) blog. I’m living in a homestay just outside of the city, attending school at CIEE, Charles University, and FAMU, and I’m excited about the prospect of traveling to places other than Seattle and Walla Walla!

This past semester as a junior at Whitman has been the most eventful and stressful for me by far, for a variety of reasons: my classes were difficult, I was living on my own for the first time, and the political climate felt far too scary…but, as always, I processed it all through writing.

I am a writer and a storyteller. I am a Film and Media Studies major and an English minor, and I hope to make a living someday telling stories visually to people, on or offscreen (film, picture books, documentaries, etc.) to translate ideas and emotions to others. I firmly believe in the power of storytelling to sway an audience, which is why I have been dreaming of writing my own blog for my study abroad experience—as well as making my own short film, or several short films!—to better remember and process all that I will learn and love while in Prague.

I try to journal every day, write poetry, and enjoy writing personal and analytical essays. The tumultuous past few months have even led me to keep a gratitude journal in addition to my own personal journal, meaning that I now have a book comprised of dozens of words that I write down at the end of the very day signifying what I’m thankful for (one day at the end of this semester, for instance, one line of my gratitude journal read “snow, paper extensions, Olivia [my housemate’s] mac n’ cheese”). I think these few words translate well as a positive snapshot of my experience over the course of a single day, and I hope to implement that in these blog posts while abroad. Feel free to check out some of my short films and photos, too!

Na shledanou!