Czech out my Vimeo channel to see some visual storytelling from my time abroad!

Mary’s Meanderings

Chapter 0 

Pre-departure. Starring a baby corgi, an elderly mutt, snow, butts, many sisters, and one reluctant brother.

Chapter 1

The Flight, a few snapshots of my homestay, the first few sights of the city…and a ton of desserts. A quick snippet to reassure my family stateside that I’m alive and well.

Chapter 2

Our first full week exploring! We visited Prague Castle, ate more desserts, and spent more time getting lost in the city.

Chapter 3 

Adventuring outside of the city to see some castles and churches, staying inside the city for wine.

Chapter 4

Copenhagen, DK and more of Prague, CR.

Chapter 5

Spa weekend in Karlovy Vary, CR and Mom visits Prague!

Chapter 6

Trying to do Berlin in a weekend is #ambitious!!!

Chapter 7

Best friends in Prague and Vienna—what could be better? (Contains mild sexual content, as we did visit Prague’s historical Sex Machines Museum).

Chapter 8

A sunny weekend in Budapest.

Chapter 9


Chapter 10

In and around Prague!