Hola y bienvenidos a mi blog!

I am a junior biology major at Whitman College and this semester I have the incredible opportunity to study off campus in Alicante, Spain. My courses here in Spain are a little different in comparison to the biology and English classes I have been taking in Walla Walla. I will be studying Spanish and Latin American literature, history of religious and cultural diversity in Spain, gastronomy and wine in Spanish culture, and constantly working on my grammar and usage of the Spanish language. I hope you join me as I explore a new city, live with a host family, navigate the tram system, immerse myself in gastronomy, write papers, try new foods, have challenging conversations, get lost, make friends, and play in the sand of Playa San Juan. I am looking forward to reflecting on some of my experiences abroad, and I hope you you enjoy seeing a glimpse of life in Alicante.

Hasta pronto,