Small Miracles

Yesterday marked twenty days until I fly back home. Yipes, that went fast!

It’s been a while, but I wanted to report on two miracles that happened three weeks ago today. First, I finished the Budapest Half Marathon along with several other students on my program. It was exhilarating to be running with thousands of other people and pushing myself to get in under two hours—which I did!

The second miracle on that day was my trip to the Rudas thermal baths. After the race, most of us were suffering from full-body soreness. For me, the primary issue was dealing with my knees, which I had pounded all morning. They were sore enough that locomotion was difficult, especially going down stairs, and they threatened to let me collapse to the ground if I used them for more than three steps at a time. But despite the soreness that we were all experiencing, the decision to go to the baths had already been made, so I hobbled there with Zaynab, who was visiting me, as well as classmates Caroline and Alexis.

I’m glad I did make it, because the experience of the baths was rejuvenating. We followed a bathing regimen posted on the wall, alternating between a numbing ice bath—outfitted with an ice-maker that spat out occasional chunks of ice to maintain the 10˚C temperature—and the 40˚C thermal pool. It worked wonders. Whether it was the intense temperature change, stretching in the water, the naturally occurring fluoride ions and calcium that the baths like to advertise, or simply my knees’ failure to register any further pain, I noticed that my joints gradually felt better. By the time I left, I was as good as new. In fact, I even hopped down a small flight of steps!

Thank goodness for small miracles.

The rooftop pool at Rudas bathhouse.

Since the half marathon, I have been focusing a lot on classes. We are nearing finals, and so some professors are pushing through some difficult material. Sorry that you haven’t heard much from me!

I will post more about my experiences soon. In the meantime, feel free to look at some of my homework and give me hints, read about how Hungary’s stance on immigration means that it can’t find workers it desperately needs, or watch a fun personalized half marathon video that includes clips of me running!



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