End of an Era, End of a Blog

I wrote this just as I was about to leave Hungary, but I wanted to wait to publish it until after my advice posts came out. Much love to you all!

~ ~ ~

I’ve been in Budapest a long time—four and a half months—and I am amazed at both how fast the time has gone and at how much I’ve done in this span of time. On one hand, it’s been a while, probably long enough for this car near my neighborhood to rack up these tickets:

On the other hand, it hasn’t been long at all. On my recent walks through the center city, several times I have turned a corner and find myself in a place that is so unfamiliar I have stopped dead in my tracks in surprise. I have to admit to myself that I still don’t know Budapest.

This semester has been full of adventures for me and my friends here. We’ve traveled to many countries, bonded over math, discovered new places in Budapest, and generally had a great time. The people that I’ve met are hilarious and inspiring in equal measure. If you’re reading this, thank you for this semester, and know that I will track you down in the future, and we will hang out. Just watch.

One of many beautiful sunsets I’ve seen, this one in Barcelona

I’m sad to say that the end of study abroad is here. And with it, the end of this blog. It’s been fun to write about my experiences here, and I hope that you enjoyed reading about them. I will miss writing to you.

If you want to hear some more updates about my life, I think that I want to send a couple longer email updates to my friends at Whitman and back in Minneapolis over the summer to keep them in the loop. If you want to be included in those, feel free to reply below or email me directly.

Oh my! My plane is taxiing and I must stow my computer. With love,






3 thoughts on “End of an Era, End of a Blog

  1. Rose Marie

    Hi Special Adopted Grandson,

    So glad to get your emails and I’ll be anxious to see you in Walla Walla when you get back.

    My oldest Granddaughter just moved to Walla Walla and is working at the YWCA and an office at Whitman.

    We’ll get together when you get back. You know me, I’m always home, never have antyhing to do so do stop by when you get here and we’ll have a nice chat.

    What’s up for your summer? Love you much, Adopted Grandma, Rose Marie


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