Sorry about the wait squad. After getting thousands* of angry emails from jilted readers, I have returned after missing last week’s blog post. Sorry not sorry I was living the dream in Paris. I’ve done a lot of cool stuff the past couple weeks, especially #Week8, so I’ll just cruise pretty quickly through #Week7.

The week was pretty nondescript, mostly spent reading and planning the Paris trip. I usually take a backseat on planning things because I’m a slacker and a bad friend, and this was a reminder why. Planning sucks! It is boring and time-consuming and I hate it. But it was certainly worth it because my week in Paris was all kinds of dope. Here’s the rough skeleton of what went down:

  • 16 (Friday): left for Paris early in the mo, met Hannah, Taylor, and Emma, checked in to apartment, walked around, went to Louvre, drank wine by the Seine.
  • Saturday: Musse d’orsey, Musee Picasso, watched Midnight in Paris IN PARIS
  • Sunday: Dylan arrives, Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Co., boat tour, steak and frites, squad gets #turnt
  • Monday: Champs-Elysees, Arc du Triomph, girls leave
  • Tuesday: Dyl and Q’s First Day, Sacre Couer
  • Wednesday: Pompidou, Louvre, bars for St. Patty’s Day
  • Thursday: Eiffel Tower
  • Friday: walked around, #treatyoself
  • Saturday: left early in the morning, got back via plane/trane/automobile

It’s pretty much impossible for me to say everything that happened unless I wrote like ten pages but you don’t want to read that and I definitely don’t want to write that. Seriously, I’m already bored and I think I’ve written like 100 words.

Anyways, it was an awesome week. I spent the first couple days with Hannah, Taylor, and Emma, who is Hannah’s sister living in Paris as well as a true homie. It was awesome to see them all again; you know you’re really good friends when catching up just takes like two minutes, and then everything’s like normal after that. Since Hannah and Taylor were only in Paris for a few days, we covered a lot of ground and did a lot of stuff. My personal fave was the Musee Picasso; in second grade I did a report on Picasso, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. I used to really love to draw as a kid, and this was a reminder of that, much like the dinosaur skeletons reminded me of my childhood paleontology dreams a couple weeks ago. I’ve actually been drawing quite a bit the past couple days, and it’s been a lot of fun.

Dylan arrived on Sunday morning, thus kicking off the 36 hours that the whole team was there before Hannah and Taylor left Monday afternoon. We walked over by Notre Dame and into the Latin Quarter, and stopped by Shakespeare and Co., a bookstore that is apparently old and famous. I got Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, my only purchase in Paris. Hannah and Taylor were pretty insistent that Dylan and I buy some clothes at some point during the week, but we declined.

We took a nice little boat tour down the Seine, then ate dinner at this awesome place that basically gives you unlimited steak and frites. As for our one night together, it fizzled out pretty quickly. We got rowdy, and fast, so what was intended to be a long and wild night ended with all of us asleep by midnight.

The next morning was appropriately hazy and groggy, but we got through it, and walked down Champs-Elysees to see the Arc du Triomph (I have no idea how to spell any of these things). Then, after hanging out a bit, Hannah and Taylor left; it was a bummer to see them leave so soon, but very cool we got to spend time together.


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